Looking at the Blue Skies

In the darkest of our storms do we find enormous strength in our mind that we never would have believed. It is in this deep abyss that we see a shimmering ray of hope that gives every cells in our body the strength to keep going. It definitely is twisted as it seems, but these irregularities is what makes us mature.

It forces us to break the limits that our mind has set without actually consulting us. It forces us to understand that there actually is no limits and that limit is nothing but a invisible glass enclosure around us. Maybe it is time to step out of it and see what really you can do!

Maybe, it is a risk but at the same time its an adventure you always wanted to have. Break the limits!

There will be insecurities and some big moments of self doubt. There will be trust issues. There will be some hesitation to take the first step. There will be some major back and forth prancing of the mind over your decisions wondering, “Did I do the right thing?”

But to come out of the storm there has to be a beginning somewhere, right?

Maybe I’m encouraging you or maybe I’m motivating myself. But the truth is, however bleak the future may seem, there always is a stubborn streak of hope tugging in our hearts, hoping that the sun will rise with a fresh day after the night.

Look up the blue skies when you feel lost in your storm. Maybe the bright blue color will make you feel light until you find the next path!


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