My Humble (Re)Beginnings

There is this railway crossing I’ve to walk by every time I’ve to go to the bus stop. There is an under bridge construction going on near the crossing. Whenever I walk by the railway crossing, I can see a very humble tent made out of thick, blue polythene. Inside the tent there is one small hard bed with a tiny candle burning in front of it every evening once the sun sets in. And outside the tent an even humbler kitchen with basic minimal food being prepared on wood and fire. They wouldn’t be earning much, else obviously they would be living a more lavish lifestyle than now.

What keeps running in my head whenever I pass them by is, would I really be happy with less? Less but just enough of essentials for me to sustain. Can I really let go of other minimal desires? Is lesser really the key to happiness and being more humble?

The answer to this logically must be yes. Because these people with lesser things than me still seemed to be happy with their minimal possessions. They were laughing, listening to radio in the candle light while the dinner was getting ready. Irrespective of what their current situation might be.

There is so much chaos in my head with my beliefs that it feels natural to go down to almost bare minimum. To look at them and learn on being happy and alive with hopes. To want to discard everything but my life and everything that I need to sustain. I’m glad there is this fire to keep going on and build strength based on this idea.

Every time I look at the blue tent, I get a surge of strength to keep moving forward. Not give up or feel disheartened and trust myself.

And it will start again, from scratch to going back to the basics of bare minimal. And accepting the flux as it comes.

It’s now become an obsession to go a level deeper in being a minimalist than now. To accept my fluxes and let go of what I must.

In the end, it’s all about finding peace in the midst of never ending chaos. 🙂


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