Listen to yourself, even when people around you keep saying nay to the thing that you want to do.

Listen to them, if you do not want to hurt them. But, do what you wanted to do anyway.

Stand up to your fears and face them. Not many have the courage to listen to themselves and carry out things as they had exactly planned. Do not let anyone put across their reasons as to why you shouldn’t do it. If you feel strongly about it – that you should do it, do it.

There will be consequences to your actions, but do not worry about it now. Do not worry about how the consequence will turn out. Do what you have been planning to do. Because, once you go through what you have planned, it will set you free. You will feel light and peaceful.

Why am I saying this? Because, today is the day, I set myself free. I listened to myself and summed up my courage to take the step to do what I want. I did what I wanted.

I did it.

One step at a time.


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