Understanding Mortality

Nothing is more final than death. Period.

One moment there is existence. One moment there are emotions. One moment there is this belief that things will keep going on, we will keep moving on, we will keep discovering things, we will keep loving people.
And then, one sudden moment, it is dark. It is blank. It is over.

What would it matter then? Would you know what has happened after you take your last breath? Would it matter who says what about how you lived your life? Would it matter that someone once brutally broke your heart? Would it matter that you couldn’t buy that last remaining limited edition book that you always wanted? Would it matter that you couldn’t tell the person what you wanted to say, in your carefully chosen words? Would anything ever matter at all, once you are gone?

That will be the finality, leaving no room for hopes. That will be the end of mortal existence.

We are in a beautiful continuation now, yet dying very slowly, every second of our time. Trying to understand the beautiful soul that resides in our body filled with potential you yourself do not know.

Can you now think of what to do with your soul? Would you still wait for someone to find your soul so that you can finally be someone’s forever? Would you listen to yourself? What would you do?

How will you live your life now?


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