My Midnight Story

The lights are out. It is almost pitch dark. The glow in the dark stars on my wall are throwing out their pent up energy from absorbing all the  fluorescent light.

I stare at the star studded wall and pretend that I’m under the starry skies. Skies full of beautiful green stars and green crescent moons. I stare at them waiting for my eyes to droop, and I slip in that beautiful state of sleep. Just when I am on the threshold of the beautiful sleep world, a thought creeps in. My beautiful, brilliant thoughts, that would seem weird to you and the whole world.

It will probably, like right now, start with me dwelling on the latest mistake that I made, and say things like, “I believed I had learned from it and moved on”. And then, out of the blue, I get a brainwave: What if I really were a time lord? I would then travel to that one particular moment, the first moment that would be the starting point of the “mistake journey “- I wouldn’t know then of course. And then think – “How cool it would be if I, the time lord, could go back in time, talk to the then me and stop the whole mistake journey. Go back at that exact moment, have a good look at my startled face and try and have the talk, and stop myself.”

Then I wonder, even after being a time lord and going back in time, “Would the past me listen to my future self? Would I really be able to stop myself from taking the step? Would I know what the past me is thinking at that moment?”

Slowly, another tiny thought creeps in – “Am I obsessed with being a time lord? Am I thinking too much about Doctor Who?!” In between my stomach will want to give its two cent worth of opinion and declare it is hungry with a slow rumble.

Something seems wrong with my eyelids. I am faintly aware of it. It feels heavy and itchy. The green stars and moon seem like they are losing its glow.

Before I know it, its a brand new day! All the late night thoughts are forgotten and buried, just like my dreams. Like it never ever happened.


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