Circumstances and Simplicity

Circumstances. I do not know what to make out of that whole concept.

Circumstances mixed with human emotions. I definitely do not know what to make out of this – even more of a complex concept.

It is too difficult to live with simplicity. It is popularly desired by everyone, when everyone reaches the last, self-defined threshold with ‘circumstances’. There really is no escaping anything. We will be forced to go through and feel everything, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. That is how the cosmic energy keeps itself in balance, I guess.

Simplicity is ideal. Think of the word ‘simple’, let the voice in your head wrap the word around you. Don’t you think, thinking and saying the word ‘simple’ out loud itself makes you feel at peace and wish for it, thinking of all the things that are going around you. If things really were that simple.

In that wild pursuit of simplicity and even wilder desperation to bring mental peace to yourself, you will try to break the particular circumstance you are in, in smaller pieces. So that you can deal with it one at a time and keep simplifying things in that process. In some cases, you will abruptly discard the circumstance to keep things simple, and walk away. Only after the wild episode is over will you see how much broken pieces are scattered around you. The side effect of the pursuit of simplicity – destruction of lot of things that would have mattered to you. Maybe in time everything that you recognized, everything that was so intimately familiar to you will irk you and make you want to never see it again or will become alien to you. An alien faster than things had become familiar, slowly resulting in indifference towards it.

That is the price of simplicity.

It is alluring, the whole idea of simplicity. It is very desirable, just like the desire to be happy. But, over time, I learned, simplicity is not easy. Not really.

There really is no escaping human emotions which many a times leads to lot of circumstances, like the one you are in now. Circumstances that you would have ideally tried to avoid or not step in the first place.

Of course, we can try and keep things simple from the start. That will be, at times, at the cost of holding our tongues and emotions to avoid any situation, which will couple of years down the lane, will lead you to ask yourself, “what if I had said it that way?” or “what if I had done it that way?” What then?

I really have no answer. Only thing I have understood is that there is no escaping. Human emotions itself are so complex, that we ourselves leave no room for ourselves to escape from things. We can either stick on the ground and sail along with our circumstances and find a way out or walk away and wait for it to come back and haunt us till we resolve it with ourselves. That’s the way it is.

Everything, like a coin, has two sides – of perspectives and outcomes. We will always be walking on a tight rope, trying to keep balance and not fall and bruise ourselves. Sometimes we will fall. We will get up and start all over again. Walk on the tight rope again, trying to keep balance all over again, but this time with a long stick in our hands. Learning, growing and moving forward.

That is life. A circle.


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