Earth’s Dance

Why would the earth care? She will dance and twirl about the sun, bringing about night and day to the life in her tummy. Unaware about the life in her, she would twirl and twirl, without getting dizzy, unbounded by time, slowly moving closer to the sun, one day to happily accept her oblivion.

While she twirls, time passes for the lives she carries within her. The time ticks in a symphony created by her own children. There comes day – giving us time to make life worthwhile and finally comes night to get rest and ready for tomorrow.

The time keeps ticking, the earth keeps twirling. Today lost, will not come back tomorrow. Today lost, is lost forever in time. There always is tomorrow, to catch up and race with time. But, tomorrow is a deadly disillusion. Our eternity is for a limited time.

But why would the earth care? She will keep dancing and twirling around the sun giving us day and night. It is up to us – either we grab the day or let time slip with the night. Because, forever is a cunning lie.


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