My Beloved Ghost

Thank God for photographs for capturing all my memories.

Whatever has ceased to exist in reality somehow stays alive in those glossy papers. Whatever has been turned into ashes is still flesh and bones in those photographs. I might not be able to touch you anymore, I might not be able to reach out to you and say, “Hey I miss you. I will be coming down next September to see the snow”, or I might not be able to hear your voice again. But at least it doesn’t let me forget how you smiled. It doesn’t let me forget the dimple that dug deep in your cheek. Your face won’t fade in time. Your voice might ring in my head, again and again, because of the faint memories the photographs would trigger.

It makes me wish that you were as real today as you were before you transited in the state of complete oblivion. I wish.

But, as of now the memories would do.

Thank God for the photos – the memories with you are not going to fade away from my mind. You are forever going to stay as my beloved ghost, frozen in time.


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