My Body, My Mind and My Soul

My body, my mind and my soul are my concern. Not yours.

My body was and is a gift to my soul when I was born. I have no control over it. I struggle too. I struggle hiding my insecurities. I struggle accepting my body as is. I struggle to be comfortable in my skin. The strain that bubbles inside, you won’t see an iota of it. The wild acceptance of self that keeps struggling inside, you won’t feel the pain of it.

You and I are the same. Living with our own insecurities.

So think before you point. There is a thin line between being playful to outright hammering the shit out of a person’s strength. Be gentle.

My body is my concern. Not yours. Focus on your body. Look at yourself, like I look at myself. Look at yourself in the mirror. Understand the language your eyes speak. Work on acceptance and try not to make fun when you find someone trying.

Do you think people are not aware of their shortcomings until you point it out? Rather tell me this, do you need to point? Weren’t we taught as kids that it’s rude to point?

Be gentle.

My mind is sacred to me. My mind holds the most precious thing to me – my experience, my knowledge and my hard earned wisdom. It holds my ideas, my theories and my belief.

It weaves stories that I would crave to be alive in reality. It holds the core of my sanity. My mind deals with my breakdowns. My mind consoles me and speaks to me in a silent voice, pushing me where I’m cowering with fear. It makes resolves for me when I find my principles shaking. It builds my foundation. My mind builds me. My mind guides me. My mind holds hand with my heart and learns to walk – tenderly and timidly. My mind helps my heart bray out the strength that it is bubbling within.

My mind. My mind is my concern. Not yours. Do not try to re-orient me. Do not belittle it because your views are different. Do not disregard it because you don’t understand it. Be gentle.

Listen to the voice in your head. Pay attention to how far your mind has taken you, held your sanity together. Would you like anyone shatter it with a few words?

Don’t you and would you not continue holding yourself together? Mind and heart?

Be gentle.

My soul. My soul is what makes me. My soul is exquisite. So exquisite that I am constantly drawn towards it, trying to figure out what exactly she is. She makes me. She puts life in my beating heart. She is the reason I think. She is the reason I continue breathing. She makes me. Without her, I am nothing. My soul.

My being. My core. My essence. My soul.

Touch it right and I’m yours.

I don’t need to tell you how crucial she is to each of us. My soul is my concern. Not yours.

My soul is not for sale. My soul is not open to indulge you or your whims. My soul demands respect. Doesn’t yours too?

Be gentle.

You and I are very different. But our cores are the same.

We have one body, mind and soul. It’s your own concern. Not anybody else’s.

Walk over no one and let no one walk over you.

Be gentle.



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