My Little Moments

I am pretty
Oh so pretty
And witty and smart
You said I’m pretty
Oh so pretty
You found me pretty
I got your attention
Should I feel nice?

(Read:  See my face in your book.)

That beautiful moment when I’m pushed to live my dreams, chase what I want, because that world is where they feel I perfectly belong. And with that they probably feel the mistake they did is rectified. With that, they feel they are living their dreams through my eyes.


Teenage love. Probably nothing will be as pure as that. It now comes with baggage and conditions and a list to avoid the mistake that was made when I was a teenager. Irony.
Then again, there is a good chance that I am wrong. 🙂
I miss how simpler I was back then.
I have changed beyond recognition too.

Talking about love, there are so many beautiful, intriguing humans. I am finding it difficult to imagine being bonded to one and one alone.


It’s sad how we replace one from other so frequently though.
It’s sad how we think we are replaced.

When home, I will raise a toast for Poda Land with a shot of gin. And some more.
For she gave me my beloved independence. For she taught me to be responsible.
For she is making me feel grown up, now that I pay my own bills.

 I once used to speak in pig language to irritate some.
Oink oink.
Now I call my BIL a green angry bird pig.
I own two green angry bird ke pigs too.
Oink oink 😀


Fakebook Privacy Platform

In your face
Actually had blissful FB/internet free two weeks. So, what I said, holds. I did have “a life” in these two weeks.

1 May, 2011
6:13 PM
This 21st century (say from about last 2-3 years), The “Fake”book has become a platform for people to prove others that they actually, honestly do have life.
It is amusing. Very very amusing.

Bunch of people will be posting a status about how much fun they had with those tagged people, when in reality most of them won’t be actually getting along with each other. But to the world, they proved that they are best of friends and that they have bunch of friends.

Another person will be proclaiming his undying love in/directly to another person by tagging them in their status and declaring their lurvers accomplishment or whatever, which should have been something special and private and privately celebrated. Anyways half the people in your friend list you wouldn’t know. Still, probably to stay popularly cool in their “friends” circle maybe. It is so easy to figure out now a days, who is persuing who.

And this is the best of all, has the email system got some non debug-able bug that everyone has to ask/tell every thing on people’s Facebook wall, for everyone (whoever can) to see and know their closeness? FB chat may have stopped working during chatting, or something must have happened, has FB inbox got some undetectable bug too? And when not, has Gmail stopped working, or again started deleting accounts by mistake, and this time it was yours? Or whichever mail you use. And don’t tell me you have only one email id. All bullshit reasons.
Or effing don’t tell me that you don’t check your emails but you effing do check your Facebook wall! Are you what, 16 year old?

I get easily disappointed yes. And this is such a pain that I’ve stopped going there. It was nice few years back, where it was a platform to meet someone you’ve lost touch with. Now, it has become a attention seeking platform. Barring a few important groups I belong to.

Those who read this and those who have already heard this from me, their ego’s will be bruised big time and will be denying it, as always and will give me millions of flattering reasons making me believe that they are not the same. Whatever reasons, there is always an alternative. If someone means something, no one is stopping you from flaunting it, but like this? I will tag it “cheap”. It’s like you are trying to prove something to someone or everyone. And show what is probably not real.
One guy with his shitty status proving his ex that he has moved on. Another axing his ex. Another declaring about his love’s “accomplishment”. Another telling everyone about their anniversary of 6 months together. Then someone talking about their silliness in lab together. Or their fun mall trip. Or worst, flashing news million times about world cup or Anna Hazare, or Sai Baba, or Libya, Egypt or something else. Didn’t we read/hear the same thing in news already? If you are sharing some video ok. Trying to open a debate, ok. That way you do get to know new people. But declaring the same news, are you effing kidding me?

Not that I’m trying to say I have life. I probably don’t. But I’m happy to have my privacy. I’m closer to people I don’t interact much on Facebook. They are not filled with bullshit. And the world is unaware of it. And not any XYZ knows my life or likes like an open book. I’m not a fraud. And I’m not pretending, at least in these cases. At least people I dislike, know that I actually dislike them. And those I love, they don’t need me to show it on Facebook to show how strong we are.

And the irony, when someone they don’t like mentions something about them or posts some picture of theirs, they cry yelling that their privacy is invaded. When all the while they’ve been all open about their life. From buying a new skirt to losing a cellphone to getting dumped.

And worst of all, I used to honestly respect few of them. That is why I hate what disappointment does to me.
Record: I was like that a few countable times on FB with two people. But I understand, realize and evolve faster than people I guess.
And yes, I do admit that my “assumptions” are really mean when I’m disappointed.

6:40 PM
And another thing, I am seriously sorry about how any kind of relationship is dependent on Facebook. It’s so sad that so many of them have gone to dumpsters because of that stupid site.