My Adventure with Gazelle

It was a long drive. With many white lies. Once we reached our destination, it was the beginning of our own version of Mr. Bean’s Holiday.

It all started once we saw our first circle of the city. There were three roads ahead of us. By the time we saw a sign and decided which road to take, we had circled the roundabout twice. And when we realized what had happened, we bursted out laughing, and thus began our very own mini adventure. Then onward any road we took would be a path to new discovery. We were still lost. But the beauty of being lost is, you have no notions or a set up path and you end up finding new things. Build stronger relations. Face all emotions. And in the end, attain the most important thing we pursue: happiness in all that fun.

We had little time to spare and lot of things to do. And it’s amazing, how we then begin to value our time. The lesser the more valuable it gets. Unconsciously your whole world will revolve around that precious few hours. Inevitably you are made to think and decide – who and what deserves your time. And those decisions keep happening spontaneously, without you realizing who and what you discarded in that hurried moment. Probably that was the hard truth. Or probably that was what you chose to let go.

It was actually very simple. But the white lies made it all look like a big risk. It was a big risk. But in the end, it was worth it. And that added to the excitement.

Drive down to have one cup of hot chocolate and meet the love of my life.

Drive down to have one big plate of chicken and beer and do what he and I had planned to do since a long time.

The crazier it sounds when you start doing it, the better and better it keeps getting.

5 Beautiful Days

5 Days

Is it enough to change a person?

What if those 5 days is nothing but basking in pure pleasure of everything that a person would wish in his day to day life? Stimulating conversations. Early morning walks and beating lethargy. Agreeable freedom at night. All this in a slow, small, peaceful city. All this is real. I am on that side of the grass which will always be greener.

Now back to be lost as a dot in the crowd, there is some sense of loss: of the essence that makes me as a person or the spirit that makes me want to get up and do things, I do not know. But it is a loss. Thinking of this, makes me wonder if this is not a change at all. If this change is nothing but a reversal of the natural nature of a person? Where the crowd doesn’t exists. Or the existence of the crowd is as insignificant as a speck of dust. The standards of interactions have probably gone up a notch. Where randomness is not about the daily routine but about spontaneity, not making a plan for another plan. Where there is some sense and maturity.