My Grand Plan

There is this plan. A foolproof plan. Plan to stay positive no matter what. Plan to try and not let my spirit falter come what may.

And in this plan of mine, I will include those who are like me. People who believe in reason for our existence than merely existing in this grand opportunity given to us called life.

All plans are bound to our habits. The plan succumbs because of some of our tiny unpleasant habits.

So what I’ll do is this:
In my attempts to keep my plans alive and kicking, I’ll send tiny bursts of positive energy to people. This is in this hope that it will trigger a chain of butterfly effect. This is in this hope that the effect would be so strong that it would gradually and successfully become everyone’s natural habit. A simple habit to stay strong and not falter, no matter what.

It is in this hope that it will slowly reach everyone. Who knows what impact it would have on people, or on the grandeur of our universe.

There always will be hope and the will power to make it grand. To leave an irreversible, irrevocable imprint behind.

The sun has finally risen today, dissipating its warmth to be absorbed and to spread it all around, carrying forward it’s own grand plan.

Another positive butterfly effect.