Freedom is a State of Mind

It is only when we are in a box, we start thinking out of the box. The whole illusion of confinement of  freedom gives the will in us to start looking for ways to be free. After all, the whole struggle is to discover ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin. There always will be this burning question in our mind, and Shakespeare said it right (allow me to generalize):

To be, or not to be: that is the question

And in this illusion of confinement we will find ourselves struggling to find who we really are to decide “to be, or not to be.” In this circus to finally reach to a conclusion, we find ourselves changing before we can touch our essence of nature. We blame this never ending chase of discovering ourselves to “circumstances”.  All this in pursuit of freedom of mind.

There are these type of state of confinement I saw in my overall journey of life so far.

The Protective Cocoon Confinement:
This is the learning stage. The painful stage of growing up, it is mostly before the Corporate stage. Everything is taken care of and there is nothing but one room and billions of books and resources around us to read and absorb whatever we can put our hands on. The creative juices are in full flow. There are ideas, brilliant ones. There are millions of dreams to chase. But we have to hold ourselves back and do what we are told to do. And wait for the right time to fly. We will believe that there is time, but is only an illusion of an everlasting time.

We only have the naive, young freedom of mind. The untainted, uncorrupted thoughts.

The Corporate Confinement:
This gives us financial freedom, to let us do whatever we want to do whenever we want to do. To get all that was denied to us to discipline us. To be in control of our own lives and make the decisions of our lives as and when we want. There is assumption that we have the freedom to chose and change what we want at our will.

It sounds rosy and amazing, right? But wait, everything comes with a price tag. And this independence costs us our creativity. It slowly ebbs out and stops flowing in and out of our veins.  There is just no time for it because we will be busy pleasing everyone, because that is how it will be henceforth: give and take. And without realizing that will be embedded in our nature, because we are used to pleasing everyone, however hard we try not to. We want to please, for various reasons: to be liked and accepted, to stop feeling alone in a city, to grow up the career ladder, to have someone like us back…

Back to Semi Cocoon Confinement:
The cocoon stage is where we grew up our majority of molding stage. This is where our core had taken a form. And when we come back to this stage from Corporate Confinement, we feel safe making us painfully aware of what we have become.

The brilliance of this stage is, it gives us time to recover. I do not know recover from what, probably all the exhaustion of changing constantly to fit in the corporate confinement. Probably recover from the metamorphosis of a character which had made us uncomfortable to be in our own skin. Probably recover from a bad relationship. Probably recover from a particular state.

And when we recover, we truly metamorphose. We will be a perfect mix of what we were and what we had become, discarding everything that had made us feel not ourselves and truly feel ourselves again. It is refreshing.

But thoughts do not stop, neither does the circumstances. Life is nothing but a continuity.

Before we get comfortable, we will find ourselves getting confined in another set of state. And there will be an epiphany that discovering really is never ending. But there is a relief that now there is an idea of what and who we are. Rest is all corollary. 

What really is freedom, when there is this constant change in our pulses of day to day lives?

I really had one statement running in my mind, again and again and again, till it was etched permanently in my mind. It was this wonderful statement that would help me decide to be, or not to be and who should I be. And the statement was:

Freedom is nothing but a state of mind.


"As You Like It"

“All the world’s a stage”
And it’s the players crave for attention
Demanding the center of this stage.

Bake a cake: tick

One breezy evening when I was waking out of Mantri with a friend, while talking I realized that we almost always end up doing whatever we wish to do or want to do. Most of the times they are those small things which matter the most. We wish for it, wait for it and forget about it. If you note it down and read it few years later, you’ll notice that you have done at least 70 percent of it. And that is a great feeling.
Most of the times we just forget the significance of small things.

And today, I finally did one of the things in my to do list. I made this cake “Kakaolu Kek”. I had to settle making a cake without brandy (the ones I wanted to make required that 😀 ) because apparently Papa thinks I can buy it myself few months later.

Yea right.

Anyways, my first attempt. My chocolate cake 🙂
And cute star shaped cup cakes 😀

Mistake 1: Added sugar in crystal form. Yea. Dumb me.
Mistake 2: Made disgusted noise when I touched raw egg for some time, was awarded with a nice glare from mom followed by a small KaBOOOOM 😀
Lesson learnt : “Give thy thoughts no tongue” At least to specific ones when in company 😀
Shakespeare you were wise.