A Raging Battle with that Black Hole

Regardless of whether you care or you don’t about this situation of yours, do not let yourself get sucked in that pitiless black hole. 

You don’t have to take one day at a time. You don’t have to do anything that everyone asks you to do to climb out of that black hole. 

Do what you’ve got to do.

But, don’t ever give up. 

Don’t you dare.

Keep fighting. It’s going to be worth it.

Everything is going to be ok.

That One Kiss

She would rush around the rooms of her house, her mind swirling in turmoil. Her elder daughter’s marriage was failing. Her younger daughter refused to settle down. She found no comfort in her husband’s words, rather they flared up her temper even more. So she rushed around, busied herself in work. She overworked at her hospital as a consultant. Her patients choosing her over other doctors, because of her soft, patient and sweet nature, provided her no comfort. This success was nothing. She threw herself at the kitchen to not let her thoughts overtake her sanity. Her home was where she could be herself. Even if she held herself back, she was herself. Her impatience, her irritation and her tiredness would spill out in her tone. 

This one day when her daughters were going out together they saw her brows crossed. She had her hands on her hips as she came at the door to close after them. The younger daughter called for the lift. Neither of the daughters would dare, but the younger one pushed the door open while her mother was closing it. She looked annoyed. The daughter rushed near her and planted a kiss on her right cheek and ran off to a safe distance near the lift.

The kiss seemed to melt her bitterness away. Her brows were uncrossed and she couldn’t help herself and she gave a reluctant albeit a big smile. 

For a while, in that moment, everything was perfect and fine again. 

Art is.

It is all interlinked, one art with another. The obsession of one drives the passion for the other art. And thus, something beautiful is created and sent out to be absorbed by the world.

Art simply is. Nothing can define it but, it defines everything.

For some, its a salvation to a broken heart and for some, an emancipation to live out beautifully in this wonderful world. Effortlessly unties all the knots and simplifies until there is nothing but lightness all around.

It churns and churns your beautiful mind till some part of you is put out there for the world to admire, to breathe in till it intoxicates them to drive them to their passion.

A wonderful, infectious butterfly effect.

Simple Pleasures

There’s always some once upon a time in every lazy bum’s land.
I started loving the whole process of making tea. Different types, with intuitive precision to obtain perfection.
From ginger lemon grass tea to simple black tea lemon flavored.

Making one elaichi tea to perfection, only to realize dad loved it but he doesn’t like the elaichi flavor. He said yes to it because I showed interest.
boo hoo ha ha ha. 🙂 😦

For me, I would love Barista or CCD serve me my favorite iced teas 🙂