10 Seconds Picture

One late summer morning, while walking down the street, I saw a man wearing turban, in his late 70s, squatting on the floor with a mirror in his hands. He gazed intently into the mirror, unaware of the public around him. The bangles and trinkets to be sold were lying around him, neatly organized.

Probably he was thinking of how his life has been till now. Probably thinking that whatever he did was worth every second of it. Or probably wondering if he should have given it a try, whatever it was for him. Probably that girl, probably that opportunity. Wondering how it would have been otherwise, or how perfect it has turned out now. Satisfied. Unsatisfied. Who knows?

Wish I had my camera with me then to capture his moment of emotion. He made me slow down and stop running away from anything and everything that is new and scary. Including emotions. Because when I look into the mirror when I’m 70, I’ll simply be happy and glad with everything.


Indian Obsession – Nagara/da

Fuck We Met! ka song Nagada didn’t do Nagada the justice it deserves. I saw it real time and man it is HUGE! Hugest drum I ever saw. There were two guys drumming it and the synchronization was heavenly to perfection! The drum sticks were the thickest I saw. And when they hit it the sound was so loud that the vibration was felt inside my chest. Thanks to Palace Ground’s awesome sound system, it amplified the vibrations even more.
(To Do: Attend a concert there. Not just any artist’s concert of course.)

This might sound lame. But here it goes:
First thought was, when they began drumming, the initial beats felt like it mimicked heart beats. The more intense it became the more hard the heart pumped. The more it pumped the more energy surged in. The more the energy surged in the emotions flowed in. Happy intense emotions. Pinker cheeks. So happy that I felt alive. So intense that I felt a lump in my throat. A try hard to be hard person’s reaction: “No crying. You sissy.” Later it was explained, you don’t cry because you are sad. It is just the intensity of emotions that makes tears roll. So that was it. That explained the lump. Happiness did it.

For the first time I felt comfortable in the crowd of some 3000 plus odd people. The beautiful picture was they had started dancing. They had the energy surge too. And their intensity was through dancing, clapping, and whatever they felt like doing. There was so much happiness in air, I cannot explain. It was beautiful! And at that time, everyone were in the moment. Living that every moment.

My attention was held by those guys who were playing their instruments. Their eyes closed, smiles on everyone’s lips. Hands raised and then came down and hit the nagara hard. Constant smile. They appeared to be in trance themselves. Shifting from one leg to another with the beats and playing it. It was amazing!

So much a Nagada’s beats can do.
And remind me of the phirangi crush I had for 3 long days. He had the deepest dimples I ever saw. That too on both cheeks! Beautiful smile. ๐Ÿ˜€


Got the permission from papa to do it, but after two months. ๐Ÿ˜€

And the suggestions I’m getting is woaah! Skull, dragon breathing fire, daggers, what! I sound/appear/act oh so violent and all that blah to my friends? (Trying to apply something as eye liner which turned out to be lip liner something wasn’t enough for trying?) Butterfly? Buha ha ha ha.

Then again, I might just surprise them again. I sorta enjoy doing that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yea, right. Needles. I first need to get over those, to get inked.
Shame!! I’m a doc’s daughter. Needles are supposed to be nothing. But such a pain in my ..

Only nice memories needles give me is running around in our house when I was a kid, mom behind me with the tetanus shot demanding me to stop running and that she’s getting late for her job. And I demanding for dad to be there when I get it, but he had already left for his office. What a kid. ๐Ÿ˜€
When back then, where to get the shot was such a pain taking choice (compared to making choices now)

Anyways, a reminder for future me. Who knows, I might surprise myself ๐Ÿ˜€
Needles, needles, needles, noodles, noodles, nooooodles!