What’s a human without any trust over another human or any ounce of hope that maybe, just maybe, things might be different for him/her?

It this what is called as merely existing?


The Bitter Bile

Anger: it corrupts the mind. The mind stops thinking. A darkness grows, slowly spreading in the small confines of the heart. It will hear nothing. It will feel nothing but spite and hatred. These feelings dominate and take over everything, leaving no room to even reach out and try to kill them.

The anger just rises. Getting bitter by the day. No explanation. Just raw bitter bile.

The intimacy of the relationship doesn’t matter. The bitterness was harbouring and festing in the body for so long, that the soul refused to acknowledge anything else. There is no stopping. It grows, the bitterness, till the mind loses sense of anything good. The body will find itself standing, filled with black bitter bile. Unforgiving. Not thinking. Not anymore.

Until one day, the mind cracks. The bile spills out. The soul will rationalize the outburst by saying it needs to cleanse, express and emote. The tongue will wag. Fingers will point. There will be explosion. Maybe minor enough to cause a small burn. Or big enough to kill.

Then comes the calm after the storm.

The whole being, shaking, will question the root of the cause. It will question is it worth going that far in the past. Maybe it matters. Maybe it will heal. Maybe it doesn’t matter. May it will do nothing at all.

Until one day, the right question will be asked, “How do I stop the rise of this bile. How do I put an end to this all?”

And finally plead, “Just make it stop. Please.”

A Crush

He stood on the balcony. The twinkly lights draped on the railing of the balcony threw light on his face. He stood, lost in his thoughts. One hand in his pocket. His beautiful digits of his other hand lightly wrapped around the green beer bottle. He took a sip as he watched the city sleep under the yellow street lights.

Light drizzle. He runs his beautiful digits through his hair. Hair tousled.

At that moment, exactly that moment she felt the wind knocked out of her chest. Swollen heart. Unbearable, undefined emotions.

That was it.

That Sweet Lullaby

The mother held her baby in her arms as she rocked her gently. She sang that sweet lullaby in her soothing, gentle voice. Her dream of wanting to be a singer was fulfilled. She had an eager audience. Her daughter calmed down. Her breathing became regular. Her eyes heavy, until it was unbearable to keep them open anymore. She was finally asleep. But the mother continued to sing. Repeating the verses, enjoying the lyrics as she imagined dedicating each words to her daughter. Singing her emotions to her. Till the song slowly faded on her lips. Her eyes rested with the trailing verses. 

The day came to an end. Another battle won. All that mattered was her baby daughter in her arms.

What Is and What Was

Curiosity kills the cat and ignorance always is bliss. But the human nature cannot be altered. Once curious, the man does not let it go till he tears the whole world upside down and finds his answer. Pleasant or unpleasant, there is a discovery. A truth, buried deep inside time. Known by few and muttered by none. But there will be a slip. Truth always finds its own sweet way. And man, it does hurt.

Human nature, it is like a natural habit. And the nature is such that even though it hurts, he wants to know. There will be a soul or probably many, hiding behind a toughened skin of disappointment and hurt. So tough that nothing gets through. Nothing ever will. But the strength and the will power to keep going forward.

It is a discovery, discovery about a person. It’s a discovery, that will make him stop, remember the person’s face and sit back and wonder about the beauty that is that makes one as he/she is today. The strength of that person is extraordinary. To hold on and still walk ahead, never stopping to love and keep giving and giving without tiring out. This is love.

And this love hurts so much, that I feel wonderful that I get this love and much more.

To our Mummas.

From their daughters.

In my "private" park

Beautiful breezy evening. Bangalore seems to have got back its famous weather. Normal. :))
Sitting in my favorite place in my apartment park.  And two chocolate brown colored butterfly flying close to me, invading my personal space. One sat on my lap.
Huge smile on my face! Love it here! Kiddies running around laughing their beautiful laughter.

Oh and I finally saw fireflies! :))
psst: Only few people get to see my park 😛